We use Canada Post to ship our packages and shipping charges are based on the amount Canada Post charges us to ship your package.  Current rates are based on the May 6, 2024 Canada Post tariff. Another price increase is scheduled for September 3rd, 2024. Canada Post has a fuel surcharge that is also factored into the shipping charges as well. This fuel surcharge changes each week - so actual rates may go up and down week to week. My rates are generally rounded up to the next half/full dollar instead of the exact rate due to the weekly change in the fuel surcharge.  The little extra also helps offset the cost of the padded envelopes and new boxes when used and avoids an actually handling fee or minimum order requirement. Note that the website creates the shipping charges based on a number of factors and sometimes, the rate may be considerable higher than the actual rate.  I will adjust shipping charges downward if the rate is significantly different than the actual rate. If the actual rate is higher than the website charges - you will not be charged any additional amount. 

Most of the time, we drop shipments at the post office the next business day after order is processed, though the odd time we are unable to make it to the post office until the second day.  Since I am close to the main Canada Post sorting plant near Toronto, packages usually get on their way fairly quickly with most US and International packages leaving the country the following day.

We use both new and used boxes for shipments containing larger items and small decal/small part orders are shipped in padded envelopes for protection.

If you have special requirements or want more information on specific shipping for items you are interested in - please contact us as we are flexible in options and can give you a better idea on the actual cost.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.   Though rare, packages can sometimes going missing.  We encounter one or two per year that never show up at the destination or end up being returned to us.  Select tracking if you want to make sure you can see where your package is and it also allows for a speedy remedy from the post office in the event the package goes missing.  There is no remedy with the post office for any package without tracking.


Orders containing decal and/or small detail parts are shipped in a padded envelope for protection and they are shipped regular lettermail if they can meet the 2cm thickness regulation by Canada Post.

MINIMUM shipping charges for small decal/parts order that can ship via lettermail is $2.25 and does not include tracking. Tracking IS available if you like - at extra cost - select - CANADA POST WITH TRACKING ( CANADA POST IMAGE WITH BAR CODE ) option on checkout. Tracking does not mean faster service, but at least lets you know where your package is.  Average delivery time can range from a couple days within Ontario to a couple of weeks for the rest of Canada.   Priority services are available if you wish - Xpresspost and Priority mail services are available at much higher costs and in most cases - are not worth the extra cost unless you need your package  very quickly.

Canadian orders for items like bulk pack of Kadee couplers or Kadee trucks have to be shipped at the parcel rate as the Kadee packaging is too thick as per Canada Post regulations ( maximum thickness of package is 2cm for lettermail rate ). However, many of these items can be removed from their packages and placed in plastic bags and shipped as lettermail in a padded envelope. If your order does not contain any large items that absolutely requires a box and you wish to save on the postage by having me remove the items from their original packages, please proceed to checkout with the parcel rate - send me an email indicating that you wish to have the items removed from their packages to save on postage. If I am able to remove the items from their packages to save postage, I will refund the difference in shipping if paid via Paypal ( or charge your credit card the reduced amount - NOTE: If you plan on using Interac eTransfer - then WAIT until I advise of the revised total before sending the transfer ). This primarily applies to Kadee products that are packaged in their clear blister pack and covers items such as bulk pack of HO couplers, some HO freight car parts, O scale 7xx series couplers and HO scale trucks. Ordering multiple items that this applies to may result in the shipping charge being set higher than it actually costs as well. Shipping charge may be reduced after your order has been processed if this is the case.


Orders containing decal and/or small detail parts are shipped in a padded envelope for protection and shipped via Tracked Packet - USA. 

Minimum shipping charge for USA is $9.75.   Due to the small business discount I receive from Canada Post at this time, all packages to the US will have tracking - regardless of whether you select tracking or not.  If you do select tracking - then you will receive a tracking number from Canada Post ( this means that we provide your email address to Canada Post ).   If you do not select tracking - you will not receive a tracking number, however, you can check your order online or ask me for it later if you like.  Tracking does not mean faster service, but at least let you know where your package is.  Also, once I drop off your package at the post office - I would suggest you use the USPS tracking for your package instead of the Canada Post tracking sent in the email for your package - it is MUCH better at keeping you up to date of your package's progress once the package is physically in the US.

Most shipments to the USA take 5 to 15 days.  Packages do require customs clearance into the US and may add a day or so to the total delivery time.


Orders containing decal and/or small detail parts are shipped in a padded envelope for protection and shipped via Small Packet Air. 

Minimum shipping charge is $11.50-$14.00 ( actual minimum rate depends on country package is going to ) and does not include tracking.  Tracking IS available to some countries - at extra cost - select - CANADA POST WITH TRACKING ( CANADA POST IMAGE WITH BAR CODE ) option on checkout IF it is available to your country.  If there is not option for tracking on the website, it means Canada Post does not offer this service to your country.

Packages to some countries that are over 2kg in weight can only ship via Xpresspost ( includes tracking) and only regular airmail with no option for tracking for countries that are not served via Xpresspost.  

Most shipments outside North America take about 5 fo 20 days via airmail, though this does vary depending on the country and items can be held up in customs for days and even weeks before being released.  You the customer are responsible for any custom duties/taxes/fees.