You may pay for your order using a variety of methods.


1)  Paypal - probably the quickest and easiest.  They accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover as well as Visa/Mastercard gift and debit cards.

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 2) Visa, Mastercard or American Express Though you submit the information online - your card is not charged until we manually process your card through our POS terminal.  Your credit card information is encrypted and cannot be access by anyone.  Note that VISA/MASTERCARD DEBIT cards cannot be accepted as our current setup requires the physical card to be used on our terminal.  VISA/MASTERCARD gift cards are hit and miss - some work some do not.  If you are able to register your gift card online and enter your Postal/Zip Code into their system - they tend to work most of the time.  We do not accept DISCOVER cards.  If you wish to pay using a DISCOVER card or a Visa/Mastercard prepaid gift or debit card - then please use PAYPAL to process your payment.

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 3Cheque or Money Order acceptable for Canadian orders only.  PLEASE DO NOT send a cheque or money order for an order that you did not complete the checkout process.  If you do not complete the checkout - then the items you want will not be held awaiting your payment and therefore, could be sold to someone else by the time your payment arrives.  Cheques and money orders should be made payable to TMR Distributing and sent to:  TMR Distributing, Box 136, Malton, Ontario, Canada L4T 3B5.

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4) Interac payment via your online back account for Canadian orders only.  Note: To use this option - checkout using payment by CHEQUE / MONEY ORDER / INTERAC and then sending your payment via bank interac etransfer to our email address,  Our account is set up to auto-deposit - so no need for a security question.  If when you go to submit your payment it asks you to enter a security question and answer - double check the email address you are sending payment to is correct. 

For more information - goto the Interac website

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If you have any questions or encounter problems making a payment online  - please email us. -